Best Times To Post On Instagram Summer 2018

When is the best time to post on Instagram? Just like the Instagram algorithm, the answer seems to change ALL the time.

Currently, the majority of social media managers said that lunch time from 11am-1pm is the best time to post on Instagram, followed by evenings from 7-9pm.

When it comes to the best times to post on Instagram, it’s essential to think about the time zones of your Instagram followers. The best thing you can do to find your optimal posting time for Instagram is to research your audience using Instagram’s business analytics, located in your Instagram app.-

You may be located somewhere in the west coast, but if most of your followers are in the east coast, you should be posting with the EST time zone in mind. If you have followers in both North America and the UK, you may find that posting at “odd” times in your timezone (like midnight PST) actually perform well for you, because it’s 8am in London, England.

Save your best post for the weekdays. Users are more likely into interact with your posts during the this time rather than the weekend since most are out with friends, family or doing something away from social media. Post your selfies and non sponsored posts on the weekend. 👍🏻

Instagram is an incredible channel for businesses to achieve their marketing goals. But in 2018, it just isn’t enough to just post content whenever you feel like it. By planning and scheduling your posts in advance for the best time to post on Instagram, you can boost your engagement, drive traffic, and gain new followers and customers!

 Thanks for reading and we hope you learned a little more about when to post! Comment below if you have any questions!