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NEW! Instagram Introduces Nametags... Copies Snapchat? 🤔

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We’ve all been there...

Huddled tightly with your awesome new friend in a dark venue or loud festival, tapping away at bright screens, straining your eyes and patience to find one another’s Instagram profile, lest you and your new BFF lose contact and you’re forever haunted by the friendship that could have happened.

Fear no more, Instagram now has our backs with the roll-out of the new nametag feature. It allows you to create and customize your own scannable nametag--similar to Snapchat Snapcodes--and effortlessly share your own profile or add friends. This feature became available to most personal users last Friday, and today was released for select business accounts.

To view and edit your personal name tag, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner of your profile then select “Nametag”. From there you can add colors, emojis and selfie stickers, as well as share your name tag via text, Facebook or other platforms. To add someone else’s nametag, you can either right-swipe into the camera and hover over the nametag while pressing on the screen, or by tapping the camera icon within your nametag.

@TheAllieAdams shows off the new Instagram nametag feature. 

In concert with nametag, Instagram also launched “School Communities”, a cool directory where you can find fellow students or alumni. Once you join and enter your college/university, a line is added to your profile stating your alma mater and you’re instantly connected to every current and past student, sorted by graduation year. If this sounds frightening, sleep well knowing that, thankfully, DM’s within the directory function normally, and anyone not on your friends list goes to your message request folder. Currently School Communities is only available to select US colleges and universities, with more schools added weekly.

What do you think about the nametag update? Is Instagram trying to copy all of Snapchat's features? 

What's next? Instagram Best Friends?

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Article written by Allie Adams
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